• Sara Whale
    Interior Designer
    « I really feel powerful when using BM for my project planning. It's promised that I will result in more time for creativity and to be honest, it has really done it! »
  • Carl Weirmann
    Operation Director
    « BM is the kind of software that delivers what it says it will. It will be useful to anyone who manages interior design projects, and for executives who want to monitor performance without information overload. It provides a straightforward summary with clear time-lines and accountability. »
  • Gabriella Jones
    Senior Interior Designer
    « If you've ever managed several interior design projects at once, it’s hard to see the whole picture as it happens and to best manage personnel to achieve any deadlines. BM resolves this problem so easily. »
  • William Hosking
    Freelance Designer
    « I like the way BM looks and how it works! I’ve studied almost all project management tools and none came close to this! »
  • Valentine Hurly
    Creative Director
    « Our main reason for choosing BM as our design delivery tool is due to it’s user-friendliness, real-time interface and powerful reporting capabilities. The ability to directly manage our diverse international design teams remotely and view real-time report on their daily activity is a godsend. »
  • Suzi Kapisher
    HR-Manager / Administrative Director
    « Thank you BM! It’s so easy to understand and manage. We didn’t get the usual resistance from the team when we introduced BM into their daily routine! »