• costing
    The BM costing engine calculates a design fee through the input of key project data. The engine uses the built-in design templates to generate lists of tasks and aggregates the time required per task to establish a base cost for the project team. After that, simply add other direct costs and you’re set.
  • planning
    BM automatically generates a full project design delivery plan per stage. The design plan includes a recommended list of team members and their respective allocated tasks and are presented as a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.
  • tracking
    Through minimal time and status inputs on allocated deliverables by your design team, BM’s tracking tool helps provide a macro and micro level real time picture on any project. Any deviations from the project plan are immediately indicated within the system.
  • reporting
    BM consolidates all your project plan data from tracking into a single location, making it extremely easy to analyse, report and learn from the project performance.