17 February 2020

How do interior designers bill/invoice clients?

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7 tips for creating professional invoices for your job as an interior designer with templates.

As an interior designer, you for sure want to focus on your creativity and spend as much time as you can designing. Instead, we often have to spend hours making and sending invoices. Check out these 7 tips and learn how to create your invoices fast and professional while staying unique.

1. Include your expert opinion

Being a professional, you are in a position to provide valuable recommendations. Spend some time adding your advice on anything else that you think the client might choose to do in the future. This will foster your further relationships and show that you truly care about the project you are working on.

This can be just a line or two that will make a huge difference.

2. Set a due date

Setting a deadline for payment is important to be actually paid on time. It often happens when you send an invoice without a due date so the client has all their time to pay whenever they find it convenient. This is not what you want to set a decent deadline for payment while still giving the client some time to transfer the payment. Moreover, setting a due date shows you as a professional.

3. Allow different payment methods

The world is so dynamic that we constantly have to adapt to change. Be flexible and allow your clients choose a way to pay that is most convenient to them. Don’t forget to include direct bank deposits and e-transfers.

4. Prevent misunderstanding

Before starting your work, send your clients a proforma invoice. Give them a full picture by providing estimates for services, labour and materials. This way, the client will be prepared for what is coming and will not be surprised upon receiving an actual invoice. Try to include maximum details about the process and how much everything costs separately so that your client understands what they are paying for.

5. Save your copy

Keep all your records to prevent possible troubles.

6. Let them know you made a discount

If there was a discount that you gave the client, add a line to your invoice and explain that they are getting a very special price for your services. It will help to build great relationships and create a bigger possibility for future work.

7. Use a template but stay unique

Feel free to use one of the templates but at the same time tailor it to your specificity. Do you give guarantees and want to mention special policies? Include that into your invoice. Don’t forget to include your logo and website address as well as any beautiful graphics to emphasize your unique style.

If you feel that you don’t have time to keep track of everything or you are inexperienced in design business, try Binary Management – an advanced tool developed for interior designers. BM takes care of all the documentation and keeps the whole business process under control.

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