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Binary Management allows design teams to be creative while it makes sure that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Our story

There was once a team of interior designers who were very creative but had to face some challenges while delivering projects – it was hard to meet the deadlines, stay within budget and plan precisely. Project management took up a ton of their time as they filled out Excel files and tried to keep track of everyone’s progress. As a result, over time, the team became more and more exhausted and unsatisfied. One day, they decided to solve their problem once and for all by creating a project management software specifically for interior designers. The tool had to plan, cost, track and report by connecting the team members and providing thousands of templates for creating premises for any types of property. It had to be based on years of experience to be able to predict and account for upcoming project inconsistencies or even risks. They teamed up with talented developers who brought their ideas to life. Binary Management became the advanced partner-tool that saves hundreds of businesses today and makes the profession of an interior designer about creating rather than managing.

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